The Shire Community Space

Our New Space

Help us create a positive vision of Modesto by combining a venue for live performances, art gallery, classroom, café, and shared workspace!


Music Venue


The performance space will be open to the public during scheduled performances. It will also be rented out as a practice space for musicians, bands and performing artists throughout the week. We will charge an entry fee for performances, which will help pay for talent. We will contract our sound engineer for events, all other positions will be volunteer. Beverages and food will be served during events. Patrons will be carded at the door and issued wrist-bands that will differentiate between patrons who are under 21 and those that are over 21. We expect to organize 2 to 3 performances per week.


art gallery

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The art gallery will curate diverse artists and diverse forms of art such as works such as: installations, performance-based art, video-based art,  and other contemporary art.  Programming will showcase emerging and established artists, while allowing the local community to connect and develop artistically. A series of 6-week art classes will be held for the community to develop an artistic sensibility that will elevate the craft of art-making.  The gallery will also host a series of film screenings, artist talks, and panel discussions for the community to participate and engage in. There will be opportunities for community members to assist in curating art exhibits throughout the year, including an exhibit specifically by and for the Central Valley community.




Classes, workshops and meet-up groups will take place during normal business hours and will be organized by a volunteer-run committee in tandem with the instructor/facilitator. 




The café will be open throughout the day and will serve standard café fare: coffee, tea, baked goods, light food, etc. as well as local beer, local wine and local spirits. Contracted security staff will be onsite during rush hours and special events. All staff including managers, servers and security will be required to complete L.E.A.D (Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs) Training to give practical information on serving alcoholic beverages safely, responsibly, and legally.


Shared Workspace


This area will serve as a place for patrons to spend long periods of time. Students, professionals, and friends can take advantage of accommodations like wifi, printers and a conference room, lounge areas, and single person desks to be productive in a creative space. By creating a “third-space” where one spends long periods of time, we hope you'll stick around for a concert, an art exhibition, or simply a drink with friends!


Ready to help?



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