Q. What Is The Shire?

A. The Shire Community Space started in a garage on Oakshire Avenue in Modesto, CA in the winter of 2015. What began as a small venue with a handful of events grew into an active and vibrant community space that was more successful than we could have ever imagined! Today, The Shire has evolved into a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization which provides members of our community with opportunities to make connections, learn new skills, and grow their passions.


Q.What Is Our Mission?

A. Our mission is to bring people together, create meaningful connections and empower our community to develop its passions and talents.


Q. What is our purpose?

A. Our purpose is to cultivate a positive vision of Modesto by empowering individuals to learn, experiment, create, and share their talents, goals, stories and struggles in a safe and accessible space.


Q. what is our vision?

A. Our vision is to develop a space that supports, fosters and enables multi-disciplinary learning by combining an art gallery, classroom, cafe, and a venue for live performances.


Q. Who do we serve?

A. Creative people in Stanislaus County and surrounding areas that are looking for a place to be inspired. They are students, art community members, music lovers, life-long learners, activists, and passionate individuals.


Q. what are our core values?

Community Focused - a diverse community based on connectivity, support, and empowerment

Accessibility for All - giving and receiving without barriers

Collective Ownership - investing into a space that is your own to utilize, develop, maintain, and share

Free Expression - an open space that invites ideas without boundaries and welcomes challenging discourse

Transformative - facilitation and growth of ideas, knowledge, potential, and self-purpose


Q. When will the shire open its doors?

A. Over the next few months we will be working with an architect, building inspector and several contracting companies to make tenant improvements to bring the building up to code for our intended use. We will finish build-out and open for business in July 2018.